Annual Lord Upjohn Lectures

Lord Upjohn was the first President of the Association of Law Teachers, serving from 1966 until his death in 1971. The lectures reflect the focus of the ALT in promoting excellence in legal education, bringing together scholars, practitioners, policy-makers and other key stakeholders to debate and reflect on legal education discourse.

Previous Lord Upjohn Lectures

2016: Dame Linda Dobbs DBE - Is the legal landscape changing? Reflections from the UK and South Africa

2015: Rebecca Huxley-Binns - Tripping over thresholds; capturing the legal learning process in outcomes

2014: Profs Julian Webb, Jane Ching, Paul Maharg and Avrom Sherr - An overture for well-tempered regulators: four variations on a LETR theme

2013: The Right Hon. Lady Justice Hallett, Maura McGowen QC, Chris Kenny and Prof Stephen Mayson - Legal Services; the rise of the consumer and the fall of professionalism

2012: The Right Hon. Lord Neuberger - Reforming legal education

2011: Wes Streeting - Widening participation in a changing educational landscape

2010: David Edmonds - Training the lawyers of the future – a regulator's view

2009: Peter Williams - Quality assurance: is the jury still out?

2008: Baroness Ruth Deech - The student contract

2007: Geoffrey Vos QC - An accessible legal profession working in the public interest: Dream or reality?

2006: Mr Justice Roger Toulson - Freedom of expression and privacy

2005: The Right Hon. Justice Lady Arden - Economic torts in the twenty-first century

2004: Prof Linda Mulcahy - Culture of adversariality in the aftermath of Woolf: challenges for legal education

2003: Prof John Gardner - What is tort law for?

2002: Lord Reed - The confidentiality of jury deliberations

2001: Prof Hugh Beale - The Law Commission and judicial law reform

2000: The Right Hon. Lord Woolf - The education, the justice system requires today

1999: Helena Kennedy QC - Justice by astrology and other legal prognostications

1998: Mr Justice Robin Jacob - Towards a European civil procedural code?

1997: Prof Joe Thomson - Legal change and Scots private law

1996: Prof Dawn Oliver - The integration of teaching and research in the law department

1995: The Right Hon. Lord Hoffman - Anthropomorphic justice: The reasonable man and his friends

1994: The Right Hon. Lady Butler-Sloss - Law, ethics and medical practice

1993: The Right Hon. Lord Griffiths - The Lord Chancellor's advisory committee on legal education and the legal profession

1992: The Right Hon. Lord Slynn of Hadley - The Brussels Convention before the European Court

1991: The Right Hon. Lord Mackay of Clashfern - Access to justice – the price

1990: Sir John Wood - Labour relations law – the missing pieces

1989: Prof A W Bradley - Judicial review and Government liability in tort

1988: Prof Lord Wedderburn - The injunction and the sovereignty of Parliament

1987: Sir Gordon Borrie - Consumer protection laws for the 1990s

1986: The Right Hon. Lord Justice Woolf - Civil procedure—time for changes

1985: Sir James Fawcett - The European Convention on Human Rights at work

1984: Dr M J Goodman - The work of the Social Security Commissioners

1983: Lord Hooson QC - Reform of the legislative process in the light of the law commissions’ work

1981: Prof J A G Griffith - The teaching of law and politics

1980: The Right Hon. Lord Justice Lawton - Legal education and the needs of the legal profession

1979: Sir Thomas Hetherington - A changing society and the director of public prosecutions

1979: Master Sir Jack Jacob QC - The reform of civil procedural law

1978: David Lane - Race and the law

1977: Mr Justice Goff - The law as taught and the law as practised

1976: The Right Hon. Lord Justice Scarman - The role of the lawyer in the Welfare State

1975: Mr Justice Ormrod - Fact finding: Art or science?

1973: The Right Hon. Lord Kilbrandon - The reform of the Constitution

1972: The Right Hon. Lord Denning - The creative role of the Court of Appeal

1971: The Right Hon. Lord Diplock - The common market and the common law