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The Association of Law Teachers


We are a professional organisation committed to promoting excellence in legal education.


We organize conferences, workshops, and seminars that bring together law teachers from around the world to exchange ideas and collaborate on research.

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We support innovative projects that enhance the quality of legal education and promote the understanding and practice of legal learning.

Become a member of ALT and join a vibrant and inclusive community of academics, professionals, and practitioners committed to advancing the teaching of law.


The ALT is a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive community of academics, professionals and practitioners engaged in legal education across countries. Our members support legal learning in schools, colleges, universities, and professional sectors, on campus, face-to-face, and online. We aim to inspire and celebrate excellence in the teaching of law, and to share the understanding and practice of legal learning.

Our members receive copies of our journal, The Law Teacher: the International Journal of Legal Education, plus access to the electronic journal archive and articles published online first; a monthly e-bulletin of news and events; a discounted annual conference rate; and access to our grants and awards schemes. The Association also arranges a series of one-day conferences and events, and it responds to a range of policy and regulatory issues on behalf of our members

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